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Importance of Preparing a Lawn Sprinkler System for Spring

A lawn irrigation or sprinkler system is much like other items around any home. It requires routine maintenance. Many homeowners have made a healthy investment in their system but do not have experience in performing the necessary maintenance. This often results in the system not being properly winterized. Having the system blown out before winter is an important part of maintenance. Lack of winterization could result in costly damages due to malfunctions or frozen lines. Before spring arrives it is imperative to have the system inspected and tested to ensure that everything is functioning. Here are the reasons why spring maintenance is essential especially if winterization has not been done.

Effects of Winter Temperatures

Freezing temperatures during the winter months can wreak havoc on a sprinkler system. When the ground begins to freeze, the underground pipes to the system may also freeze. When the water main to the system is still on, the lines will fill with water. It is not uncommon for these underground lines to break. This poses a huge problem which will result in having to completely redo the water lines that feed the sprinkler system. This a costly project that could have been avoided altogether had the system been properly winterized. Sprinkler repair Denver can perform the necessary repairs. They also offer seasonal maintenance as well.

Preparing Sprinkler System for Spring

Getting a lawn irrigation system ready for spring is just as important as getting it ready for winter. It's all part of preserving the system and helps protect the monetary investment that was made for purchase and installation. Spring readiness involves a series of steps that a professional contractor can do in less than an hour. This is barring unforeseen circumstances that may require repair or replacement of parts or lines. The contractor will perform a complete inspection of the system and decide what needs to be done in order to prepare the system for spring and summer use. Don't forget to ask them about routine sprinkler maintenance Denver. They will be able to discuss what options are available and give information on the cost.

Seasonal maintenance will help ensure that a sprinkler system is functioning properly. Hiring a professional contractor to do these things will save time and money. Maintenance isn't the costly part but repairs due to lack of maintenance could possibly cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Regular maintenance and inspections will help determine if any parts of the system are in need of repair or replacement. Lack of maintenance will likely lead to expensive repairs that may not have been necessary had the system been properly cared for in the first place. Protecting the investment makes sense when considering the benefits of proper system maintenance.


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